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Thank you for making the event a success

“What greater compliment to something than to say at the end “When can we do this again?!”  I guess that applies to last week’s TNK Children's Foundation Golf Benefit, since it’s already been scheduled for next May! Maybe this could be a annual event? Playing a round of golf with great people to help families – does [...]

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How things change in an instant

As a mom you wake up on your birthday and you focus on your children.  The day seems like just another day in many instances.  You may feel a little more pain in your hips or knees but for the most part it is just another day. Unless it is spinal tap day for your [...]

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Being a mom can be scary

As a mom we always want to raise our children to be all that they were created to be.  You have dreams, hope and of course fears for them.  As a mom you always feel all their pain and just want to fix things, and teach them so they don't have to learn life the [...]

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Golf has it benefits

Just imagine – a day on the golf course with lots of added benefits – health benefits, getting away from it all, relaxation – and exhilaration, a day-long opportunity to get to know a lot about the people you play with, short term achievable and long term visionary goals built into the game. And the chance to help [...]

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A mom’s perspective to childhood cANCER

So many of us have experienced traumatic life experiences and none of us ever really knows what they are like until or unless we face a similar life experience. From living with (and eventually dying from) debilitating diseases like ALS - to surviving debilitating war wounds (or caring for those who have survived) - to [...]

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