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Nutrition’s – Building the Base We all have to eat. Open the news, catch a special on TV, scroll thru your Facebook news feed or Google something – you are bombarded. Everywhere are passionate people quoting this study or that about food, farming, pesticides, GMOs, new cures, deadly viruses, or the true diet for the true human. At [...]

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Rest in Peace Markiss

  Everybody just loves a happy ending.  But not every story has one. Sometimes the hero doesn’t make it. So yesterday with the news that Markiss lost his battle with cancer, and the Reuss family remains facing a future of only memories and questions. As a mom with a child who had cancer, I struggle to know what [...]

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BBQ Bromance & American Royal

      We were so honored Michael & Jim chose us to donate all their winnings from the BBQ Contests they entered.  We were presented with a check at the American Royal and treated like royalty at the party.  These two gentleman have the biggest hearts for the families we serve.  We can't express enough [...]

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Un- Ebola

Every time you turn on the news these past few weeks we hear another report about ebola.  Someone has it, or suspected to have it, may possibly have been exposed, or died. There is a  mad rush everywhere to find ways to protect oneself, along with near panic over any one sick.  No matter what [...]

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Mustard Gas

Would you willing take mustard gas?  Would you give your child mustard gas?  The life-saving transplant that children endure starts by irradiating their body twice a day, for four days straight. THEN, poisoning them to the brink of death with a Chemo that is a derivative of MUSTARD GAS. Please live life with no regrets.  You never know what [...]

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