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TNK Children’s Foundation provides a strong foundation of support for families of children with cancer and other blood diseases. When parents receive that dreaded phone call, we all wish life could be put on hold until our child is healthy once again. Unfortunately, the world won’t wait, and the demands of everyday life continue to pile up. Fortunately, TNK Children’s Foundation fights alongside families facing the diagnosis of a child with cancer.

Recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity, we provide critical resources, as well as emotional support, to the families we serve. Here are some examples:


Recent Projects

♥ Negotiating a lease

The heavy financial demands on a family with sick kids often takes a toll that can lead to bankruptcy or homelessness. One single mom receiving assistance from TNK Children’s Foundation received a 30-day notice to move out of her apartment. Due to her child’s illness, she was living on a fixed income and unable to find affordable housing elsewhere. We reached out to the owners of her apartment building and negotiated a way for the family to stay until after the child’s cancer treatment was completed.

Advocating and finding resources for families is a huge part of our work. With the stress of having a sick child, many parents don’t have the emotional energy for other battles.

♥ Fixing a fence

TNK Children’s Foundation doesn’t have staff on hand to fix fences, but when a little girl with cancer expressed her concern over her dog escaping, we were able to find resources to help out. We found a local company that fixes fences and coordinated the repair so this child would have one less worry while fighting for her life.

♥ Providing Meals after Long Appointment Days

Families with sick kids often spend long days at outpatient treatments. The need for healthy meals isn’t easy to meet when time is limited. TNK Children’s Foundation partners with local restaurants to provide chef-prepared meals that meet dietary requirements for families of children going through treatment. We offer this service to our families following a hospital stay or on any day of appointments lasting more than five hours.

♥ Housecleaning with an extra touch

When time is short, keeping a clean house might not be your top priority, but with a sick child in that house, cleanliness is vital. In order to help parents caring for critically ill children, we have partnered with local housecleaning services. While the children are in treatment, we make sure their house gets cleaned in order to provide a safer environment for rest and recuperation.




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