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Brett and Michelle’s Wedding

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit this nonprofit organization. We “stumbled” upon TNK Children’s Foundation, thru our church, Vineyard KC.  We were exploring areas to volunteer thru the church and teach the children life lessons.  Reading the heartfelt story about the Tubbs family, we wanted to help!  We have been blessed [...]

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Meet Isaac, a Sibiling

Childhood cancer deeply affects the siblings of cancer patients. When parents hear the diagnosis, suddenly all thoughts focus on keeping the sick child alive. Siblings, although loved, can easily get lost in the shuffle. TNK Children’s Foundation offers support to families, and we often provide special activities and attention to the siblings of sick kids. [...]

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Pain from a Broken Bone

Most parents have encountered or will soon experience the day when a child breaks a bone. Taylor might fall off a bike and break an arm. Alex could fall in the playground or while playing in the yard and break a leg. For the average parent, these minor emergencies are just another part of raising kids. Few grownups [...]

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Stress – Cancer connection

In the link below Drive for Success  making our children sick.  They are talking about healthy students being stressed. Can you imagine the stress our cancer children are under with all the school they miss yet try to keep up?  They also mention that stress puts the healthy children at a higher chance of getting [...]

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Looking Out the Window: Anxiety and a View to Tomorrow

Look out your window for a moment. What do you see? Perhaps you see some children playing. If so, you can probably hear their excited chatter and easy laughter. It’s enough to put a smile on your face. But what about children who can’t play outside? The children supported by TNK Children’s Foundation often can’t [...]

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