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Motivation Monday

“The biggest goal can be accomplished if you break it down into enough small steps.” ~Henry Ford

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Having fun for a cause

While participating in the struggle for families battling childhood cancer, TNK Children’s Foundation encourages fun whenever possible. We especially like it when our supporters find fun ways to raise awareness and funds for our organization. Recently, some local high school students helped out by showing their team spirit. We’d love to see more of our supporters joining in [...]

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Doing good on a $1.67 a day

How much do you spend on a daily cup of coffee? You could spend $5.00 or more on a fancy brew from a trendy coffee shop, but let’s be conservative. A cup of drip coffee—an average cup of joe—at Starbucks costs about $1.67. If you buy one cup a day for 30 days, that comes [...]

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Have you been Flocked? Please let us know what you thought.  We have heard many stories.  However we haven't heard from everyone.  The time is almost over to Flock your friends. Act now before it is to late Walk-A-Flock

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Year end gifts (donations)

Seems the “holiday season” starts earlier and earlier every year, surrounding us with “suggestions” of what to buy and who we need to add to our lists.  With that comes reminders of organizations that provide meaningful to lifesaving services and products gearing up to meet the extra demands of winter. So I realize this is [...]

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