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Foundation of Support

TNK Children's Foundation was founded based upon providing a foundation of support to families with critically ill children.  Just as a house needs a strong foundation to be built upon so it can withstand the different weather conditions strong wind, hail, extreme cold & hot. We all need a strong foundation to stand and get [...]

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Matching Donation

Sam's Club is willing to match all donations up to $150.  Would you please consider donating?  We could use the extra money to help provide christmas meals to the families we help.  Please visit get involved  to donate today. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.  We are a registered non-profit 501(c)(3)   Thank [...]

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Nutrition’s – Building the Base We all have to eat. Open the news, catch a special on TV, scroll thru your Facebook news feed or Google something – you are bombarded. Everywhere are passionate people quoting this study or that about food, farming, pesticides, GMOs, new cures, deadly viruses, or the true diet for the true human. At [...]

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American Royal – FishNet Security & BBQ Bromance

Tomorrow starts the American Royal BBQ contest.  TNK Children's Foundation is very excited FishNet Security and BBQBromance will be raising money for us.  We can't wait to see which one takes 1st place in the BBQ Competition.  Kansas City is known for its BBQ.  We know this is another way of getting our foundation known in Kansas [...]

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Contest Tuesday

What percentage of households declare bankruptcy because of critical illness? - No cheating by looking it up. First person to guess correctly wins passes to Carolyn's Pumpkin Patch. We help the families with everyday tasks while their child is critically ill so hopefully they can keep their job and keep from declaring bankruptcy.

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