Help Out by Offering Your Time, Talent or Treasure

TNK Children’s Foundation relies heavily on volunteers and donations of many kinds in order to fulfill our mission. The strong foundation of support we seek to offer the families of kids with cancer and blood disorders can only exist if we ourselves have a strong support base of partners. All volunteer opportunities are located in the Kansas City metro area.


While TNKCF establishes a new location for our Family Support Center, we are looking for individuals to serve on our Board of Directors and Committees. Volunteers are also needed to spend time with our families. No specific talents are necessarily required—just a big heart and a willingness to share the mission and vision of our organization. Depending on the role you wish to fill, a background check may be required.


Everyone has talents, and TNK Children’s Foundation can put almost any talent our volunteers have to good use. Our vision is to provide many different services for the families visiting our facility on appointment days, and we need a host of skilled volunteers and willing assistants to make our dreams come true. Talent groups from which we could use help currently include:

  • Massage Therapists
  • Administrative professionals
  • Fundraiser Committee Members
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Graphic Design
  • Tutors
  • Childcare professionals
  • Chefs and others in the restaurant industry
  • Local farmers
  • Housekeeping/Cleaning
  • Handyman
  • Lawn Maintenance/Snow Removal

This list is far from complete, and our volunteer service needs change and grow as we continue to take on families needing our support. Please fill out a volunteer application to get more information on how you can help.


Like all non-profit organizations, TNK Children’s Foundation can only continue doing good work as long as regular donations are available. Many times these come to us in the form of monetary amounts.  Regular monthly donations help tremendously. A reliable cash flow is necessary to help us pay the bills and cover the costs of operation. However, cash isn’t the only important treasure you can share with us.

We also accept in-kind donations.

Some items TNK Children’s Foundation finds useful are:

  • Craft supplies
  • Stationery
  • Postage
  • Fresh produce (please contact us to make sure we will be able to accept your donation)
  • Non-perishable food items
  • Gift cards for grocery stores, restaurants, toiletries, and entertainment
  • Gas cards
  • Environmentally friendly, fragrance-free household products

Tell Others

Once you’ve decided to get involved with TNK Children’s Foundation, the most valuable thing you can do is help spread the word. Tell others about our organization and the families we serve. Share your personal volunteer experience with your friends and family. Talk to your employer about giving corporate donations to TNKCF. Network with other business professionals and refer tutors, massage therapists and housekeepers who are interested in giving back. Building a strong foundation of support requires the help of many.

Current List of volunteer opportunities


In-Kind Donation




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