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Leukemia in Children

Has your child recently received a leukemia diagnosis? Sadly, this is the most common type of cancer in children and teens, and it can progress quickly. While receiving such a diagnosis of your child can be devastating, rest assured that there is hope. TNK Children’s Foundation was created to support families with children being treated for cancer and blood disorders. Our director and founder, Staci Upham-Tubbs, has three children, all of whom have faced critical health issues, and many of our volunteers also have personal experiences with childhood cancer.

About Leukemia in Children

Leukemia originates in bone marrow where cancerous cells develop, crowding out healthy blood cells. Most commonly, cancer attacks white blood cells, which fight infection. This is called “acute lymphoblastic leukemia.” Red blood cells, which carry oxygen, can also become cancerous as can platelets, which are the cells that clot blood.

Prognosis for children with leukemia depends on several factors, including the type of blood cells effected by cancer. Acute leukemia, a fast-growing form of cancer, is more aggressive and needs to be treated accordingly. Chronic leukemia grows more slowly. These factors, as well as the age and overall health of your child before diagnosis, will be considered by your doctor and oncology team when they discuss treatment options with you.

The most common treatment for leukemia in children is chemotherapy. Other treatments including targeted drugs, radiation and surgery may be recommended in some situations. For children with higher risks, stem cell therapy along with high-dose chemotherapy may be administered. Your doctor and pediatric oncology team can help you learn about the details of recommended treatments. They may also offer the option of clinical trials. This may be a way to get state-of-the-art care at a lower cost, but make sure you discuss the details thoroughly with your child’s medical team before making a commitment.

To learn more about leukemia in children, prognosis and available treatments, visit the National Cancer Institute website. http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/LeukemiainChildren/index

TNKCF Helps When Your Child Receives a Leukemia Diagnosis

At TNK Children’s Foundation, we understand that a leukemia diagnosis turns your entire family’s world upside down. Families with children in cancer treatment often face serious financial difficulties. The child undergoing treatment deals with the trauma of painful procedures and long, tiring days in the hospital. Siblings also miss out on a lot of normal life events.

TNKCF provides everything from food and household supplies to free family events for families such as yours. Our facility includes a commercial kitchen where we prepare healthy meals to send home with those we serve. In addition to prepared meals, we offer groceries and household necessities such as toilet paper and personal hygiene items.

Our family center is a relaxing, healthy environment that we work hard to keep clean and safe for childhood cancer patients and their families. Mom and dad can relax in the café while the kids run off some steam in play areas or get creative in our craft room. We also offer dance classes and other activities for patients and siblings. Frequently, we host special family events such as barbecues and movie nights.

Sometimes, parents, siblings or cancer patients just need to talk. At TNKCF, you’ll always find a listening ear. Our caring volunteer staff can be reached whenever you need emotional support, and we can also connect you with counseling services.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your family during your child’s battle with leukemia.

Watch the video below to learn more about Leukemia

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