Thank you to the individuals and organizations who have made cash donations and/or provided in-kind goods or services directly to TNK Children’s Foundation.

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The major costs of a cancer diagnosis and treatment are for things like time in the hospital, clinic visits, medicines, tests and procedures, home health services, and services of doctors and other professionals. Insurance, managed care, or public health care programs pay most of these costs if you’re covered in such a plan.

But families also have many indirect costs or other expenses when a child has cancer, along with their usual bills. These costs can be for things like:

  • Travel (gas and parking) to doctor visits, clinics, hospitals, and treatment appointments
  • Lodging (a place for the patient and/or family to stay) during treatments away from home
  • Meals during travel or clinic visits
  • Extra child care costs
  • Communication (phone calls, faxes, copies of medical records, etc.) with doctors, friends and relatives
  • Special foods and nutritional supplements
  • Special equipment or clothing

All of these add to the stress they are already feeling from not knowing if their child is going to be alive tomorrow; or feeling guilty because they can’t attend their other children’s activities or spend quality time with them.

***That is what TNK Children’s Foundation is for!!***
Stepping in to help defray some of the stresses of every day life during treatment.


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