TNK Children’s Foundation is able to help the families of children with cancer and blood disorders through the support of donors and volunteers. One of the most important aspects of that support is donations of treasure. This includes monetary donations, fundraisers and a variety of in-kind donations.  Some of our would-be supporters worry that they don’t have enough to give, but every little bit helps.  Consider how you can use what you have to give and to multiply that gift.

Monthly Donations

Monthly donations are “bread and butter” for TNK Children’s Foundation. Regular donations that we can count on month after month help us plan for the future and pay operating expenses in the present.  Our current monthly donors come from many walks of life. Some give hundreds of dollars each month.  Others give $10 or $20 dollars each month. All of those regularly scheduled donations add up to a budget that we can use to bring hope and help to families of sick kids. Contact us today to schedule your monthly donation.


Fundraising does two things for TNK Children’s Foundation. First, it helps raise money for special projects and ongoing needs. Second, it raises awareness, which in turn expands our support base. If you belong to a church, club or other social organization that wants to give back to the community, consider hosting a fundraiser for TNK. We have a few fundraising ideas posted on our website and can provide you with inspiration if necessary. Some of our most successful fundraising campaigns have included

 T-shirt sales at high school sporting events

 Gift card collection

 In-home presentations of our foundation

In-Kind Donations

While we like to get cash donations and couldn’t operate without them, we also appreciate a variety of in-kind donations. As we expand our services at our new family support center on Linwood Blvd in downtown Kansas City, we have a growing need for in-kind donations. Some of our current needs include

 Fresh produce

 Services and/or products from local chefs and restauranteurs

 Non-perishable food stuffs

 Paper goods

 Eco-friendly, unscented household supplies

 Craft supplies

 Furnishings

 Kitchen equipment

We welcome your generosity in giving these and other in-kind donations. Because storage space is limited and our needs change over time, please contact us concerning any proposed in-kind donation. If you have something we don’t need, we’d rather point you toward an organization that may be able to put what you have to offer to better use.

Much like the families we support, our donors come in all shapes and sizes. So do donations. Don’t let concern over what you have to offer keep you from sharing with others. Support TNK Children’s Foundation in the way that you are able, and as a team, as a community of champions, we will change the lives of families who need us.

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